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Join our mission to help thousands of people take charge of their lives and improve their financial situation. Take your career to the next level.


Are you someone who takes initiative, contributes ideas, and is motivated to smart-work from home without the constant supervision from your supervisors?


Are you willing to go the “extra mile” when the situation calls for it? Are you able to take 100% responsibility for personal problems and are you willing to leave personal situations at home so as not to affect other people on your team?


Do you already have experience as a sales manager And in managing a team of consultants? Are you a precise person who can empathize with the consultant and handle his or her sales situations?

Do you have the ability to look for answers when you don’t know them and problem-solving skills when an unexpected event or situation arises that needs to be resolved?

If the answer is "Yes," then Team OG may be the right place for you.

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The OG Trading & Investment team at this time is expanding and is officially opening a position for the following role:

  • Sales Manager (required commitment of approximately 35 hours per week with flexible hours)

The job is done completely on a smart working basis and consists of managing contacts on the CRM, liaising with the sales network to acquire and follow up on potential new customers. Will need to define the business plan by setting target goals to be achieved. He/she will have to create reports and analysis and will work together with OG management.

Experience in the field and in using CRM software is essential.

In addition to industry experience, a success and results-oriented mindset, both individually and as a team, is a must; the person will need to be a motivator for the sales team.

sales Manager | Responsibilities and Skills Required


The pay in OG Trading & Investments is higher than market standards. For the required Sales figure, the proposed salary range is from 2000 Euro to 2500 Euro monthly plus the possibility of receiving substantial bonuses based on targets achieved

The figure required is that of an independent collaborator who, while maintaining their status as a professional with their own VAT number (or willingness to open one at a later date), is willing to prioritize OG as their main activity.


Write a short introduction of about 500 characters to explain why you think you are the ideal candidate for the Sales Manager position in OG.

Then. send a short video of up to 2 minutes to introduce yourself and explain what value you think you add within our company.

Immediately thereafter, fill out the form at the end of the page to submit your application and look forward to scheduling your first cognitive interview via Zoom.

Best of luck!


In the “Introduction” space, write a short introduction of about 500 characters about why you think you would be an ideal candidate for this position.

In the “URL” Space.

include a downloadable link of your video (Maximum length: 2 minutes!) on WHY you think you are ideal for the position.

You can upload your video to  Youtube, Wetransfer, Google Drive or any other sharing platform to make it easy for us to download your video.

Videos with duration longer than 2 minutes will NOT be considered. 

logo sito1

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