Elevate your trading skills by trading in the markets alongside OG’s professional traders

What are Trading Rooms

OG Trading Rooms are Live trading sessions with open markets. Marco and Matthew are going to show you their operations in the markets on the Dax and Nasdaq so that they can guide you in your trades safely.

Our Trading Rooms are the ideal subscription for those who want to feel more secure in their trading, gaining fundamental knowledge while operating profitably.

How are trading rooms conducted?

Live trading sessions are held on Zoom. You will be able to log on and view our screen listening to our reasoning and trade with open markets, you will also be able to chime in to ask your questions. The trainee or subscriber will be able to access directly from their personal area of the site once they have purchased their subscription

Trading Rooms are held on the Dax and Nasdaq on Tuesday mornings from 8:45 to 10:15 a.m. and Wednesday afternoons from 3:15 to 5 p.m., respectively

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What benefits Trading Rooms give you

Trading Rooms are there to help you gain confidence in your trades. We believe that in the course of the Trading Rooms you will find profit benefits in your trades as you will be able to observe live our operations.

Trading Room Program

Trading on the Dax according to OG techniques

Trading on the Nasdaq at the opening with OG techniques

Trading Room Traders

Matthew Talarico

OG group trader and founder, aief financial educator

Marco Iacoviello

trader and founder of group, chart analyst

The OG community

In the OG Trading team we are involved in market analysis, trading, investment and financial education. We help savers manage their capital in the most efficient way.

OG Trading & Investments is a large community that to date has hundreds of trainees and subscribers to our services and over 3000 members.

The goal is to train people to become more financially aware, showing how they can increase their capital through conscious trading (low levers and strategy) and manage their savings independently according to their risk/return profile and time horizon.

To date, we operate a website of Economic and financial articles, podcasts on Spotify, analysis on YouTube, live broadcasts on the best-known TV stations in the economic/financial field, training courses on trading and investing, a team of analysts dedicated to investments, a team dedicated to cryptocurrencies, and a team dedicated to behavioral finance.

What happens once mambership is purchased at Trading Rooms.

You will be activated the Trading Room section in your personal area of our site. From there you can avvedere to the link to enter the Trading Rooms and spend your time in the markets safely with the company of Marco and Matteo

Frequently asked questions

Trading Rooms require at least the entire viewing of the Trading Winner course.

You will always be supported in the course of the Trading Room, if you did not understand a step you can ask your questions in the chat or at the end of the Trading Room

Trading Rooms last about 1.30/2 hours, you might as well finish the trade in 10 minutes and break off to enjoy the day

Paypal, credit card (via paypal, to be implemented) or Wire Transfer (preferred).

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