The data and news of NIO. Here are what they are

Carmaker Nio released its third quarter earnings figure on Tuesday. To perhaps not too much surprise, it managed to beat expectations. Why dedicate an article to Nio? Because the title, today, is on everyone’s lips. When we recommended it in far and different 2019, no one listened to us. It took a year, but the satisfaction is enormous. Let’s look at the data that emerged during the week.

Nio posted an adjusted net loss of $146.7 million in the third quarter. Yes, Nio does not generate profits, you heard me right. The loss per share was thus calculated at 12 cents. On the rise, however, are Nio’s revenues, which in fact have risen 146 percent since a year ago.

Nio delivered 12206 vehicles in the third quarter, which exceeds the company’s range of 11000/11500. So the sales are there. Good point. Let’s also say that Nio in October made record sales and expects to sell about 17000 vehicles for the fourth quarter.

What are the data and news about Nio?

On January 9, Nio Day will be held where several new products will be announced including the new premium car, the ET7.

Nio has shown that it can also withstand several price shocks in recent months by demonstrating impressive graphical solidity. The view on the stock remains bullish from a long-term perspective, while not excluding major stock retracements. Could it get to 100? Yes, but it would take some more time.

Why did Nio go up so much?

Classic FOMO or fear of staying out of the wave. Large investment banks and investors have begun to focus on Nio. A huge wave has also come from small investors who do not want to miss the chance to get a “second Tesla” out of their wallets. The moment should therefore be seized and studied, but without getting caught up in the hype because “the pickle” is just around the corner.

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