So yes. Markets are going down but traders still manage to make profits. Do you consider market declines or crashes a good thing? As an investor I could say “No,” because while the market gives me the opportunity to buy better, everyone likes to see their stock portfolio always in the positive. For the Trader, on the other hand, it is extremely positive. The more volatility that develops in the markets, the better! Whether it is upward or downward matters little! That’s why I think the best way to be comfortable is to combine real investment activity with trading activity. In fact, trading means making money even from market declines while I am losing in my stock portfolio. And here I manage in this way to balance things out.

The markets are going down and the trader still manages to make profits, but what is the real difficulty? The difficulty lies precisely in identifying where the market wants to go down. To do this we do not improvise as magicians or expert meteorologists, but do it through study and analysis.


If the market collapses again because of the various lockdowns and the pandemic that is hitting us here we will be ready. We will go short in the markets should the best conditions exist. But we are certainly not going to go and sell our stocks at low prices bringing back losses on our investments! We will go short on indices with instruments called Futures or with others called CFDs.

Here ANYONE can learn to hedge and make the most of market downturns.

So if the markets go down, don’t panic! Because you will lose from your stock portfolio and gain from trading! Even if the markets are going down, the trader still manages to make profits. At the end of the day, sums will be drawn. The game is obviously not always zero-sum, but it can help us get closer to this goal. Because when the markets show that they want to go up, then here we will have the necessary capital to reinvest, just that capital from our trading gains. And here we go creating an advantage for ourselves in markets that few can get.

As OG Trading we do just that. We have our stock selection, but we care about training people so that they can gain when the markets lose.

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