Knowing how to enter the market properly. Have you ever skied in slippers?

The other day I came across a trading chat where a person claimed that any platform and any broker was
fine for trading
: “the only thing that matters is knowing how to enter the market properly.”

Except that saying “entering the market in the right way” is like saying everything and nothing. Easy to say, much harder to do.
It is like saying that to win a soccer championship any coach and any player will suffice. The only thing that matters is being able to score a goal more than others.

Of course! But how do I score one goal more than the others? Can I really do this with any coach or any player? Or maybe I need to create a team where everyone is good in their role and a good coach who can aggregate and amalgamate the players and value them for what they can do? Should I rely on a coach who has a sound tactic well suited to the players he puts on the field?

I think so. It is not true that any platform or any broker is good enough to trade.
We know that not all brokers provide you with the same quality. Not all trading platforms have the same accuracy and indicators.

But that is what makes the difference: to enter the market properly, you need to have tools that are as accurate, comfortable, and manageable even emotionally. This means “entering the market in the right way.” Of course, you must also have a tested and profitable method and a good emotional ability to manage risk and trading in general.

If you are serious about trading, you need to equip yourself with professional tools and rely on good brokers.

If you think about it, this happens in other situations in life as well.
For example, if you want to play a little soccer game in a park between bachelors and married men, you can use any pair of shoes, but if you want to play soccer well, even at the level
amateur you must, by necessity, use soccer shoes with cleats. That by the way, the cleats
also vary according to the type of playing field. That said, I will be proven wrong if I see Ronaldo kicking.
de rigueur with a pair of rubber boots.

I also understand that often someone wants to be a freak and then explains that he trades the NASDAQ with his eyes closed
countertrend with any platform and even with one hand.
I tried to explain to him that trading, if taken seriously, has its own tools and platforms that
range from scarce to professional, and that, of course, the professional ones help to make
more correct and profitable trading. Nothing to do. For this person, trading can be done with any
platform without changing the performance. In the end, the important thing is to “enter the market in the right way.”

At that point I told him to try skiing in slippers and do the same performance as when he puts

What, then, does this episode tell us? Simply that we must becareful not to underestimate the tools of trading . To not take it as a game where you just have two buttons, buy and sell.

Trading is study, it is method, it is emotional control and it is also proper setting up of a professional platform with entrusting one’s money to good and serious brokers.

In short, trading, like all things done with professionalism and care, has its tools and its
peculiarities that cannot be disregarded.

What broker do you use? Have you ever wondered if it is the correct one for your trading? Let us know!

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