Trading by feeling?

Dear friends, we have heard a lot of this by responding to dozens of people a day, both via email and social, but this one about trading by feel still inexplicably remains a mantra for newbies.

Unfortunately, to our question, “Do you have a clear method for making investments and trading?” the answer given is that of “But I trade by feeling, I rely on my own idea and thinking (went up a lot or a little, highs and lows, etc.).”

By now, this of trading “by feel” is unfortunately a commonplace that is widespread but also very worrisome because it is as if one relies on a gardener when he has to pull a tooth. Likewise, one cannot go haphazardly when trading in the markets, not least because in any case one is holding money to manage and not toys. So when you are trading or investing, it is right to know what you are doing and try to do the right thing.

And how is it possible not to trade by feel and achieve these two goals?

The answer is quickly said: by taking two roads in parallel. The first is that of study, in-depth study, taking an interest and keeping abreast of the topic constantly. The second, no less important, is to rely on serious and competent people.

Before you get to having to repair huge damage in your wallets, don’t make the mistake of relying on providence, because the markets are meant to maul you!

As in all work the right preparation helps to avoid doing irreparable damage

Yes you are reading right: there are people who contact us and tell us that we are too expensive. Only to recant after a few weeks or even a few hours (after zeroing out an entire account) that he had shot his mouth off.

So would you really be willing to put your savings, often your entire life savings, in the hands of strangers or simply rely on your intuition and feelings? Reason for a moment and draw your own conclusions with absolute sincerity.

We are not pleased to hear the (alas) classic phrase “you were right” when the damage is done and, on top of that, having to try to salvage situations that are now compromised.

Also because, after all, it must be said that people with the will to get involved and invest in themselves, if they follow a certain line and rely on serious and trained professionals, grind out joys and achieve great results!

Even in this not-so-happy pandemic situation that has been dragging on for a year now and which, in addition to negative aftermaths, does not suggest clear prospects for the future, trading can be a solution. But this absolutely must be done with head and discipline.

Satisfactions are huge and must be sought in the right way, certainly not by sensation….

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